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A brief look at my answer to the question “How do we manage the energy transition?”

Implementing energy transition: Insights into my new research project for a social and ecological energy transition

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You can also find more insights into my projects and research right here on my website-own Energy blog

A plea to think transformation holistically – thoughts from a panel discussion with Linda Zervakis. You can find the article here.

Dr. Paula Bögel: Hauptsache nachhaltig
Quelle: LZonline, 01.03.2019.

For scientists:
Read my top four publications

My scientific publications contribute towards the body of literature on sustainable transition research.

I shed light on the psychosocial dimension of sustainability transformations, describe the previously under-researched micro-level of individual change in connection with the meso-level of change in groups and organizations, and accompany and advise concrete transformation projects based on empirical analyses.

What causes people to change? An introduction to the psychosocial perspective in transformation research

Bögel, P.M.; Upham, P. (2018): The role of psychology in the sociotechnical transitions literature: a review and discussion in relation to consumption and technology acceptance, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 28, 122-136. Learn more…

A new framework for combining psychological and spatial science research approaches: Bögel, P.M.; Augenstein, K.; Levin-Keitel, M.; Upham P. (2022): An interdisciplinary perspective on scaling in transitions: Connecting actors and space, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 42, 170-183. Learn more…

What do we need for a decentralized and participatory energy transition? The case for communities as drivers for energy transitions, based on a mixed methods study undertaken as part of a transformation experiment in Sweden

Bögel, P.M.; Upham, P.; Shahrokni, H.; Kordas, O. (2021): What is needed for citizen-centered urban energy transitions: Insights on attitudes towards decentralized energy storage, Energy Policy, 149, 112032. Learn more…

How do we create the organizational change that is needed to transform into a sustainable society?

Bögel, P.M.; Pereverza, K.; Upham, P.; Kordas, O. (2019): Linking socio-technical transitions studies and organizational change management: Steps towards an integrative, multi-scale heuristic, Journal of Cleaner Production, 232, 359-368. Learn More…

You can find an explanatory video about organizational change here.

More articles are available in my full list of publications.

For practitioners:
Learn about my methodological expertise

Successful project work needs a methodologically sound approach. This might mean using a mix of different methodologies.

I use qualitative methods like interviews and focus groups to research aspects such as the attitudes and motivations of key stakeholders.

Quantitative approaches like surveys enable me to check whether those attitudes and motivations exist outside the project and can be generalized. This in turn helps me to understand whether the transformation experiment could be repeated in other cultural contexts in its current form.

What makes good CSR communication? A catalog of criteria as a suggestion for further exchange

Online CSR Communication: Similarities and Differences of Listed Companies in the DACH Region, UmweltWirtschaftsForum, 24 (2), 223-236.

The problem of greenwashing

Insights into my work in the energy transition

Here are a few examples of how we work with practitioners in the energy transition:

What can a social and inclusive energy transition look like? Here you can find a podcast contribution on the topic of energy justice.

A short report on the real-world experiment Dein BalkonNetz. Energy creates community, available here.

What opportunities does photovoltaics offer for a sustainable energy transition? Get insight into the Reallabor Experiment Dein BalkonNetz. Energy creates community

How do you get from an idea to a real-world experiment? Here you can find a video of my presentation as part of the “Beyond Technology” webinar series.