Organization and transformation

Understanding behavior during change

I’ve always been fascinated by the question of how people bring about change, either as individuals or as part of a group.

I found some initial answers to this question during my studies. Business psychology, management and marketing offer theories and concepts that explain how consumer behavior and organizations change, as well as the roles played by personal attitudes, shared values and, particularly, good communication.

Later on, while training to become a business coach, I learnt how to professionally assist people going through processes of change.

For me, it all starts with communication

Sustainability transformations are processes that affect society as a whole and our everyday lives, which is why they require our active participation.

The way in which initiators of sustainable developments communicate their ideas is therefore hugely important – regardless of whether they are individuals or organizations. Messages can appear inviting or exclusionary and can represent or marginalize certain values, identities or perspectives.

Another challenge is that the term ‘sustainability’ doesn’t always imply the same thing across all levels of society. Personal attitudes and routines (micro level) don’t automatically align with organizational logics (meso level) or cultural frameworks and norms (macro level).

Appropriate communication formats can help to mediate conflicts between these levels and promote the development of shared visions.

Transdisciplinary projects

My social-psychological expertise and knowledge of related methodologies enable me to shape sustainability projects in a contextualized and practical way.

I advise and support municipal and regional administrative bodies, companies and citizens in relation to co-creation methods, change management and the communication of their sustainability goals.

I participate in local transdisciplinary project teams and am part of the international Sustainability Transitions Research Networks.